At Elite Cattery all cats are given the choice of communal exercise. During this time they can have a run around, climb on our scratch posts, play with toys or find a quiet spot to sit and watch. Most of our boarders enjoy this and we rarely experience any problems as there are no territorial issues, however anti-social or nervous cats can be exercised on their own, and this can be arranged on arrival (Please note that solitary exercise will be for a shorter time).

We are aware that this form of exercise does bring your cat into contact with other cats, however if your cat likes to go outdoors, they are bound to encounter other cats.

Our communal exercising is in a controlled environment (e.g. No un-neutered, stray, non-inoculated cats) and is always under supervision. We feel this type of exercise provides many benefits, stimulation, and a great chance for that ‘mad dash’ and most importantly human contact...... Although we do have a few lazy lumps who simply refuse to get out of their beds for any type of exercise!!!

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